LERIS presence on the Global Stage at NOMS’24 with the leading of Professor Fabio Verdi

With pride, we announce the participation of LERIS, represented by Professor Fábio Verdi, at the IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS’24) held in South Korea. Professor Verdi’s attendance at this prestigious event is a reflection of the collective efforts and innovative spirit of the LERIS team.

At NOMS’24, Professor Verdi presented two full papers, showcasing the cutting-edge research conducted at LERIS and emphasizing our team’s commitment to contributing to the global community in network operations and management.

We congratulate Professor Verdi for his outstanding representation of LERIS and for bringing international attention to our team’s dedication to excellence in research.

Below, more information about the works presented by the LERIS team:

Thiago C. Tavares, Leandro C. de Almeida, Washington R. D. Silva, Marco Chiesa, and Fábio L. Verdi.  TimeGAN as a Simulator for Reinforcement Learning Training in Programmable Data Planes.

Felipe A. S. Novais, Fábio L. Verdi.  Unlocking Security to the Board: An Evaluation of SmartNIC-driven TLS Acceleration with kTLS.