LERIS – Laboratory of Studies in Networks, Innovation and Software is a research laboratory inside of  Department of Computer Science at Federal University of São Carlos – Sorocaba, Brazil (UFSCar).

LERIS is located in the city of Sorocaba, 90 km from both São Paulo (the capital) and Campinas. LERIS consists of a group of highly motivated researchers working with networking, cloud computing, dataplane programmability, 5G&6G, and Machine Learning. LERIS also has associated researchers working on software engineering and user experience topics (for more information access UXLeris webpage). The lab is always involved in projects funded by national and international agencies as well as great companies.


The research projects are inserted in areas of innovation, computer networks and software engineering. LERIS researchers work for approximating the academic research to practical problems. FAPESP, CNPq and the partnership with the industry are the LERIS projects’ sponsors.

The main areas of research:

  • Dataplane programmability (eg. P4), in-network monitoring, in-network computing
  • Internet Routing, Mobility and Next Generation Internet Architectures
  • Data Center, Cloud Computing and Green Computing

In case of doubt, please enter our Discord Server and have a conversation with our LERIS team: https://discord.gg/wzcuQKE7.

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